I don’t like the Greens

» … You will have your Green government and you will have the economic crisis that these pop stars are not prepared for. They are a feeling, nothing more. … «


Germany, you are a mystery to me. I have long given up being part of you, despite my German passport. For many years I tried to become German, which is of course difficult when you move here when you’re 30 and have never been here before, hardly speak the language…and for historical reasons have this passport that says you ARE German. I learnt the rather difficult  language quickly, but…after so many years you guys still called me “ihr Amerikaner”. So, I gave up. I no longer wanted to “integrate”. Now, I am what I am. An American in Germany.

Excuse me for writing this piece in English. I was determined to publish this blog in German. For a German audience. These were the days when I really wanted to “integrate”, to be – or become – German. A friend proofread everything so it was in perfect German. No longer. I…

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Über Red Skies Over Paradise

»Das Leben ist nie etwas, es ist nur die Gelegenheit zu einem Etwas.» - Friedrich Hebbel
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