Diana: „My emotions went wild“

“We could not help noticing these guys, Guryevsk, you go to the semi-finals!”

Children's Happy Days

Diana lives in Kaliningrad, in Russia. She is 13 years old and sent me an awesome letter in Russian about her best day.

Juliane Staltmaier from projekt Anna translated the letter for me. (Thanks a lot!)
Diana writes:

My best day was just a short time ago, on the 21 of November 2018. That was the day when we had a performance together with the team „Difficult age“ in the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted in Moscow. After the show all teams were invited to the stage to hear the results of the competition. We were terribly nervous because the name of our team was not mentioned. We were standing there smiling and joyful, though in our hearts we were scared and sad, because we realized that we would not go to the semi-finals. They also added some teams from the other games, but the name of our team…

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